Jesus – Walter Wangerin

This book is a novel written as a biography of Jesus.  It takes stories from the gospel accounts and fills in dialogue, feelings and thoughts and puts them into a collected narrative of Jesus’ life.  It’s written primarily from the perspective of two people – John the beloved disciple and Mary the mother of Jesus.  […]

The Agony and the Ecstasy – Irving Stone

This is a unique book in that it’s a biographical novel.  It’s a biography – with all the facts and dates and actual people associated with the subject – Michelangelo.  But it’s also a novel, which means the author included dialogue, motives and thoughts.  It made for fascinating reading and I really enjoyed it. It […]

The Bonfire of the Vanities – Tom Wolfe

Written as a social commentary on race, class, politics and greed in the eighties, this book came out in 1987 and is Wolfe’s best-known work of fiction (and rates with The Right Stuff as one of his best-known books overall).  I’m a little late to the party in reading it, but when he died earlier […]

The ABC Murders – Agatha Christie

I read this book on vacation because I ran out of reading material and my daughter had it along as her assigned summer reading for high school English class.  I’d never read anything by Agatha Christie and am not a seasoned mystery reader.  That being the case, I wasn’t used to the rather abrupt ending […]

Chesapeake – James A. Michener

This book was written in 1978 and Michener died in 1997, so I’m a little late to the party in reading/reviewing it.  I picked it up because I was looking for something to listen to on a long car trip and I knew a Michener book would be just the ticket.  Lots of hours – […]

Before the Fall – Noah Hawley

Great book with a disappointing ending that makes me hesitant to recommend it. This is a hard book to review.  It’s about the crash of a private plane with eleven people on board.  Only two of the passengers – a middle-aged painter who was a last-minute invite on the flight and the young son of […]

The Last Equation of Isaac Severy – Nova Jacobs

Summer-type of novel that kept my interest and was fun to read.  It’s a mystery about a family of mathematicians (grabs you right away, doesn’t it?) wherein the patriarch – and the most accomplished mathematician – dies under mysterious circumstances.  The book tells the story of trying to find out why and how he died […]

The Fifth Season – N.K. Jemisin

I keep a “To-Read” list on my phone.  When I read a positive review of a book or hear about something that sounds interesting, I add it to the list.  The list is fairly long and oftentimes there’s a significant lag between adding a title and actually reading it.  That means that I sometimes pick […]

Artemis – Andy Weir

Total beach/vacation book.  Easy read, no messages, no deep meanings.  It’s a science fiction story about a conspiracy in a settlement on the moon.  The story keeps your attention and if you’re planning to be on a beach soon – and you like science fiction (and you’re a guy, as it’s a total guy book) […]

A State of Freedom – Neel Mukherjee

Exquisitely written, cleverly structured, powerfully resonant to the very last line. . . . A profoundly intelligent and empathetic novel of privilege and poverty, advancement and entrapment.      – Wall Street Journal Simply gorgeous. . . . A State of Freedom is a marvel of a book, shocking and beautiful, and it proves that Mukherjee is […]