Gentle and Lowly – Dane Ortlund

This is a great book that I highly recommend. Below are some excerpts to give you a taste of the book and whet your appetite, or – if you’re a little more of a SparkNotes type – allow you to say you’ve read it without actually having to take the time. Come to me, all […]


This is a series of excerpts from a book called Edwards on the Christian Life by Dane C. Ortlund.  Specifically, the words below come from a chapter entitled “Pilgrimage – the Flavor of the Christian Life.”  I think they have some resonance for the times we’re living in and pass them along for your encouragement […]

A Praying Life – Paul E Miller

I recently re-read this book after having read it when it first came out about ten years ago. I decided to re-read it because lately my prayer life hasn’t been what it should be.  Reading it was both encouraging and very sobering; encouraging because of what God can accomplish through prayer and sobering because it […]

Separation and Service – J Hudson Taylor

Read this book because I was so inspired/impressed by Taylor after reading his biography last month.  This is a devotional on Numbers 6 and 7 – not exactly common passages to write a devotional about.  Taylor wrote this as a result of coming to these chapters in his Bible reading during a particularly discouraging time […]

The Journey to Freedom – Dan Johnson

This is a book about breaking free from addiction.  The subtitle is “Walking Away from Your Past.”  The addictions he discusses most are alcohol, drugs, and pornography, but what he writes really applies to any addiction.  He uses as a framework the story of Israel’s exodus from Egypt.  Just as Israel had to do things […]

When People are Big and God is Small – Edward T. Welch

The subtitle to this book is “Overcoming Peer Pressure, Codependency, and the Fear of Man.”  He does a good job of pointing out all the ways we can fear man and how it affects us.  Fear of man can show itself as sensitivity to peer pressure, the inability to say ‘no’, an obsession over self-esteem, […]

Crazy Love – Francis Chan

If you don’t like being made uncomfortable, don’t read this book.  Chan absolutely obliterates an easy-believism view of Christianity.  He takes on believers who try to simply fit God into their lives rather than making Him the center of all things.  There are great quotes from this book that will make you think long and […]

The Knowledge of the Holy – AW Tozer

Classic of the faith.  This should be in every believer’s library.  The book is NOT a quick read.  The concepts are enormously deep and you’ll be amazed at the level of insight and how one man can come up with such thoughts.  Definitely a book to re-read periodically.  His basic premise is that there is […]