Christians and Trump

Everything is political now, isn’t it?  Nothing is benign.  The choices we make every day aren’t just choices; they’re political statements.  Things that used to be matters of convenience or preference have political overtones.  Use a straw at Starbucks; drive a Prius; drive a pickup truck; eat at Chick-fil-A; watch the NBA; believe the virus […]

Ball of Confusion

It’s a scary and amazing time, isn’t it?  It seems like everything is being shaken.  Have you ever lived through so much change in such a short period?  Is anything the same as it was just three or four months ago?  I saw a poll recently that said 80% of Americans think society is out […]

Guidance, not Clarity

A little over a month ago, my daughter Lucy – 17 years old, junior in high school – had a big decision to make.  The decision wasn’t life-altering, but it was big at this point in her life.  And like many decisions, the way forward wasn’t clear at all.  It wasn’t a moral choice where […]

I Told You No

This song goes out to all the hard working men and women who have always considered their office or plant or school someplace they HAD to go but suddenly find that it’s now a place they’d really LIKE to go.  If this describes you, then maybe you should send this song out to your place […]


This song is dedicated to all the Spring Breakers who’ve had their travel plans canceled by the virus crisis. Here’s to you from the Beach Boys… Aruba, Jamaica, oh I just can’t take yaTo Bermuda, Bahama, stay home pretty mamaKey Largo, Montego, not places that we go… All the way from Wuhan, there’s a place […]

All by Myself

With apologies to Eric Carmen… When I was youngI used to hang with everyoneAnd eating out was kind of funThose days are goneSheltered in placeNot allowed to touch my faceMy only friends in cyberspaceSix feet away All by myselfI’m quarantinedAll by myselfForevermore Hour by hourThe job is gone I have no powerMaybe tomorrow take a […]

A Plea for Sanity in a Hallmark World

I dream of a place.  A simple place filled with happiness and warmth.  A place where husbands get a chance to decide what’s on TV during the Christmas season.  In this place husbands don’t monopolize the television, they just occasionally watch something other than movies with repeat plots about finding love and the true meaning […]

Physics Poem

The title got you, didn’t it?  Who doesn’t want to read a composition called “Physics Poem”, eh?  First the background: My daughter – a junior in high school – came home from school recently and said she had an assignment from her Physics class to write a poem.  After asking her to repeat what she […]

Three Birthdays, Three Christmases

It all started with Rocky Kauffman.  I was 11 years old, just shy of my 12th birthday and in sixth grade.  Rocky invited me over to spend the night at his house.  Rocky’s dad had a little money so Rocky’s house was bigger and nicer than mine and he had more stuff.  AND, Rocky’s parents […]

Hark! The Herald Angels Sing

Many Christmas hymns have amazing theology in their words.  One perfect example is Hark! The Herald Angels Sing by Charles Wesley.  Its words wonderfully express the wonder and blessing of Christ’s coming along with the somber reminder that He came to die.  The following is an exposition of the verses along with some of the […]