II Samuel 12:1-25

David’s life can be split neatly into two parts: his life as told in I Samuel as the up and coming warrior, outlaw and leader of men, and his life as told in II Samuel as King of Israel.  His life as King can then be split into another two parts: his life before Bathsheba […]

II Samuel 11

Nothing prepares us for the story in II Samuel 11.  In the chapters leading up to it, there is no mention of David starting to wane in his devotion to the Lord or of him becoming enamored with the power and prestige of being a successful and beloved king.  Most everything in David’s story, as […]

II Samuel 6

It is easy to dismiss the events of II Samuel 6 as Old Testament stories of a capricious God that have little meaning for today.  We can take the approach that they tell of a different era and a different God so we can just ignore them.  The ruthless God of vengeance and wrath seen […]

II Samuel 1

The books of I and II Samuel tell the stories of three men who rule over Israel: Samuel (the last judge of Israel), Saul (the first king of Israel), and David (the second and greatest king of Israel).  The largest parts of both books are devoted to David (interestingly, the namesake of the books is […]