Lucy 12/29/17

Lucy turns 15 today.  In her honor I thought I’d relate the story of her birth. When Cheryl and I married in June, 1991, we spent the first two years enjoying our freedom.  We both worked (I’m a CPA, Cheryl was an RN), and we had fun being with each other without a lot of […]

Will 10/10/17

In 1995, 40,000 healthy infants were placed in adoptive homes in the United States, while 2,000,000 American couples were seeking to adopt. -The Kiplinger Washington Letter, October 1996 So Ruth departed and went and gleaned in the field after the reapers; and she happened to come to the portion of the field belonging to Boaz, […]

Cheryl 09/20/2017

Twenty-seven years ago today, I asked you to marry me. God told me to ask you – really. It’s one of the rare instances in my life when God clearly led me. Usually I see God working in the rearview mirror more than through the windshield, but in your case He made it very clear […]

The Privilege of Prayerful Parenting

Something that’s occurred to me since our son Matt went away to Basic Training last week, is how accustomed I am to being able to communicate with my kids at any time.  Think about it – if you’re a parent whose kids were born in the last 20 years or so, you’ve been able to […]

Matt 08/08/17

When we used to take our son Matt to summer camp, there were three things we were sure of.  One – he wasn’t going to miss any of us for one second that he was gone.  Two – he was going to have a blast doing all the camp things because bad food, bad beds, […]