Artemis – Andy Weir


Total beach/vacation book.  Easy read, no messages, no deep meanings.  It’s a science fiction story about a conspiracy in a settlement on the moon.  The story keeps your attention and if you’re planning to be on a beach soon – and you like science fiction (and you’re a guy, as it’s a total guy book) – I’d generally recommend it.  It’s certainly not the best book I’ve ever read, but it’s entertaining.

The author also wrote The Martian, which I didn’t read but did see and enjoy the movie.  The one interesting aspect of this book is that while the author is a man, the protagonist is a woman and the story is written in the first person.  So apparently the author channeled his inner female and felt comfortable speaking as a young, feisty woman (who, not surprisingly, seems to think quite a bit like a guy) who’s the action hero of the story.

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