Alexander Hamilton – Ron Chernow


It’s an enormous book but it’s worth the look
You won’t regret the time that reading it took
It’s a comprehensive story about Alexander Hamilton
And includes a lot about Jefferson and Washington
It’s got politics and love, war and duels
Guys shooting at each other like ignorant fools
Big names, big egos and founding fathers
Many, it seems, who hated each other
And Hamilton who stood as big as any
But you gotta read the book to get the skinny
You see Adams and Jefferson and Madison they hated him
So consequently history has vastly underrated him
A hero in war, a giant in peace
He created the US Treasury with relative ease
He came to America just a West Indies bastard
But rose to fame ‘cause of the things he mastered
Washington loved him, and Martha did as well
He wrote speeches and letters, even George’s farewell
He had a little issue with a woman named Maria
She complicated things with his dear wife Eliza
And when someone threatened to expose him as a result of a brawl
He wrote a twenty-page treatise confessing it all
You see he loved to write and be a history-shaper
He wrote 51 articles in the Federalist Papers
But writing didn’t kill him, it was a spoken slur
Directed at the infamous and nefarious Burr
In the end Alexander did throw away his shot
But Mr Aaron Burr most assuredly did not
He left lovely Eliza with eight kids and debt
But she lived another 50 years before her death
As you can tell, Alex’s story is loaded with history
Some of which solves a momentous mystery
You see there were no raps, there were no rhymes
I guess that’s not how they rolled in colonial times
But even with that, I’d recommend the book
It’s 800 pages all worth the look
You should pick it up or you could just see the show
But take a boatload of money before you go

4 thoughts on “Alexander Hamilton – Ron Chernow

    1. It wasn’t as long as you might think. I had to revise it after some suggestions by my editing department (Cheryl), but otherwise it came pretty quickly. It might’ve been better if I’d actually seen the show!


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