Cobb: A Biography – Al Stump

Enjoyed reading about one of the best, toughest and most-hated baseball players in MLB history.  He came of age in the dead-ball era and hated that it ended with the advent of live balls and home runs.  He thought Ruth ruined the game.  Interestingly, after he retired he became a wealthy man just through shrewd […]

The Man Called Cash – Steve Turner

If you saw my review of the Clapton book, the same holds true of this one.  I really like reading about music greats.  And since I really like Cash’s music AND since Cash – in his later years – was a believer (or at least it appears that was true and he claimed it), I […]

Clapton: The Autobiography – Eric Clapton

I should confess that I really like rock-star biographies (if I would’ve had talent of any kind and grew up a totally different person, I’d love to be a rock star).  And even though I typically stay away from autobiographies, this was a good read.  Clapton doesn’t take himself too seriously and you don’t get […]