Conversation with My Wife

Wife:  God talked to me today.

Me:    God talked to you?

Wife:  God talked to me.  I was at the mall.

Me:    God’s not at the mall.

Wife:  God’s at the mall.

Me:    He’s not at the mall.  Look, I know He’s omnipresent and everything, but He’s not at the mall.  The mall is the one place God isn’t.

Wife:  He’s at the mall.  And He spoke to me.  I was walking around Keystone Mall and He spoke to me.

Me:    Well, I guess if He were at a mall, it’d be Keystone.  He’s definitely not at Castleton.

Wife:  Right.  He was at Keystone.  I was looking at clothes and I was really discouraged over all the clothes I can’t afford.  But I went into Madewell and they had a shirt on sale that was marked way down and I was able to buy it for only fifteen dollars.  Fifteen dollars!  Stuff there is expensive and I got a shirt I liked for fifteen dollars!  It’s a really trendy store – all the cool young people shop there.  Oh!  I saw the cutest girl today in Starbucks.  It was my caffeine time in the afternoon and I decided that instead of just making tea at home I’d treat myself at Starbucks.  So I was standing in line to use my Starbucks card – the one I reload and get points, it’s great – and THE cutest girl was in line behind me.  She was so cute, I couldn’t believe it.  She looked to be in her late 20s and so I started talking to her.  She told me she works at home and was having a hard time staying awake so she decided to get some caffeine at Starbucks.  She got a Frappuccino!  I hope she wasn’t hoping to stay awake for very long with all that sugar!  Anyway, we started talking and we totally hit it off.  She started telling me all about herself!  She’s 27 and she lived in Malaysia for a while teaching school, then she moved to California and worked, and now she’s in Indiana because it’s where she’s from and her parents are here.  Now she’s dating a guy she reconnected with from high school.  They were just friends in high school but now they’re dating.  She told me all about this while we were waiting to get our drinks!  When we started walking out I think she felt bad about talking about herself so much and so asked about me.  She also wanted to give me her card so we could stay in touch!  It was so funny!  She was adorable.

Me:    God talked to you?

Wife:  Right!  After I left Madewell I went into several of the home stores and I got discouraged because there’s so much cool stuff and our house will never look like that.  Then I went into Anthropologie and looked at all the stuff there and I got emotional because I couldn’t really buy it.  All the clothes and décor stuff I want and I really can’t afford it.  I was starting to cry and God talked to me.

Me:    Whoa!  You started to cry??

Wife:  Yes.

Me:    You got emotional over what you couldn’t buy?  I understand getting discouraged over stuff you can’t afford, but you actually got emotional?  You got emotional over not being able to buy things?  Isn’t that a problem?

Wife:  Maybe it is…anyway, while I was in Anthropologie I saw one of the girls working there and she had a shirt on like the one I bought at Madewell.  Only hers had really big sleeves and I didn’t like it nearly as much as mine.  So as I was leaving and starting to cry, God talked to me.  It was like a voice in my head.  And the voice said, “Didn’t I just give you a really cool shirt that you were able to buy for $15?  And don’t you like your shirt better than the really expensive shirt the girl had on at Anthropologie?”

Me:    That’s what God said to you?

Wife:  Yes.  I heard Him and it changed everything.

Me:    So God showed up somewhere He’s probably never been and totally changed your perspective.

Wife:  Changed everything.

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