The Prodigal God – Timothy Keller

Did you know that ‘prodigal’ does NOT mean ‘straying’ or ‘apostate’?  Prodigal actually means “spendthrift” or “foolishly generous.” The Prodigal Son was so-called because he blew his inheritance on partying and foolish living.  Hence the title of this book – our God is actually prodigal when it comes to us.  The neat part of this book is how Keller shows that the story is every bit as much about the older brother as it is the younger – straying – brother.  The younger brother is a type of the sinners of Christ’s day.  The older brother represents the religious leaders of Christ’s day.  BOTH are outside the kingdom.  Great book to read to better understand the parable and a good book to give to someone who doesn’t understand Christianity.

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