Refines our faith – I Pet 1:6-7 Produces endurance and perseverance – Jas 1:3-4; Rom 5:3-4 Broadens our understanding of God’s sovereignty – Job 42:2-6 Forces us to depend on God’s strength – II Cor 12:7-10 Drives us to God’s word – Ps 119:105-120 Incites us to pray – Jas 1:5; Matt 14:30 Enables us […]

Amos 9:1-10

God shows Amos the final vision of His coming judgment.  Amos begins to proclaim his final words to the Israelites and assures them there is no hope of escaping what is coming for the sinners among the people. 1-4 This vision has very little introduction.  Amos does not say that God showed him something and […]

Amos 3:3-8

After Amos tells the Israelites their status as God’s chosen people actually puts them in more danger than the pagans, he tells them their impending judgment is the logical outcome of their behavior.  This is a continuation of his defense of the sentence he prophesied in 2:13-16. 3-6 He begins by asking several rhetorical questions.  […]

Acts 21:27-40

The key to responding well to unjust circumstances and living free of bitterness and anger, is an unshakable belief in the sovereignty of God and a trust in the wisdom and love of our heavenly Father.