I John 3:4-10

John moves on from his celebration of our status as the children of God to discuss the ramifications of that status.  This passage on first reading appears to set a standard of perfection for the believer that is hard to reconcile with John’s statements about sin at the end of Chapter 1.  How can we […]

I John 2:1-2

John completes the thought expressed in 1:5-10 and makes sure that what he wrote about confession and sin in 1:8-10 is not abused or misunderstood. 1 John’s tone changes in verse 1.  He addresses his readers as my little children.  John is likely an old man as he writes these words.  He is the teacher […]

Matthew 5:1-4

The Beatitudes The word ‘beatitude’ roughly means ‘blessing.’  Jesus starts His sermon with a list of attributes that characterize those who are blessed – who receive God’s approval.  Said another way, He lists the attributes of those for whom this sermon is intended.  The Sermon on the Mount is Jesus’ manifesto explaining how to live […]