Exodus 13:17-14:31

The Israelites leave Egypt after the tenth plague amidst the panic of the Egyptians and a destroyed country mourning its dead.  God has clearly demonstrated His power over Egypt and its gods and humiliated Pharaoh.  Amazingly, however, God isn’t done glorifying Himself at Pharaoh’s expense.  As a result, even though Pharaoh ordered Moses to go […]

Exodus 7-10 – Plagues 1-9 (Part II)

After his first appearance before Pharaoh ended with disastrous results for both Moses and Israel, the scene and power begin to change as God starts to work.  Whereas Pharaoh showed his authority over Israel in the incident with the bricks, God now shows His sovereignty over Pharaoh and all of Egypt with the plagues.  In […]

Exodus 5:1-6:9

The events in this story wonderfully illustrate how different God’s viewpoint is from our own (similar to the first two lessons from Exodus).  However, in this passage we’ll find out that God’s wholly different perspective affects obedience too.  Moses will obey with disastrous results (from his perspective) but God will say the results are exactly […]

Amos 3:9-4:3

Amos begins to give more detail about Israel’s coming destruction as well as more detail about why they have earned God’s wrath.  He makes sure his listeners understand these are God’s words as he repeatedly tells them, “Thus says Yahweh,” or “Thus says Sovereign Yahweh.” 9-12 Amos calls for the wealthy residents (the wealthy are […]

Genesis 50

Genesis ends with the deaths of Jacob and Joseph, and the seeds of God’s future redemption.

Genesis 43

Have Joseph’s brothers truly changed from the selfish and vengeful group who sold him into Egypt?

Genesis 41

That we see God more clearly through the rear-view mirror than through the windshield is not a bad thing – it’s how Joseph saw Him too.