Exodus 32:1-14 – The Golden Calf

This text tells a key story in the life of Moses and marks a key event in the journey of Israel to Canaan.  It is a story told from two perspectives – the bottom of Mount Sinai and the top; with two main human characters – Aaron and Moses; who have two responses to a […]

Exodus 7-10 – Plagues 1-9 (Part I)

After his first appearance before Pharaoh ended with disastrous results for both Moses and Israel, the scene and power begin to change as God starts to work.  Whereas Pharaoh showed his authority over Israel in the incident with the bricks, God now shows His sovereignty over Pharaoh and all of Egypt with the plagues.  In […]

Exodus 5:1-6:9

The events in this story wonderfully illustrate how different God’s viewpoint is from our own (similar to the first two lessons from Exodus).  However, in this passage we’ll find out that God’s wholly different perspective affects obedience too.  Moses will obey with disastrous results (from his perspective) but God will say the results are exactly […]