Luke 9-10 – Reading Helps

9:1-6 This is somewhat of an odd event.  No way to know where all the disciples go, how long they’re gone or what Jesus does during their absence.  It could be that this is a rehearsal for what they’ll be called to do after the ascension.  Jesus gives them a mini-great commission and sends them […]

Luke 8 – Reading Helps

1-3 Jesus continues the mission that He laid out in 4:43 – He is here to preach the good news of the kingdom of God.  The Messiah is here, and God’s kingdom will be established through Him – both now to a limited extent and in the future to the fullest. Luke helpfully explains how […]

Luke 5-7 – Reading Helps

5:1-11 Nothing random or coincidental about Jesus being around the boats of Peter, Andrew, James and John.  He clearly seeks them out. The miracle Jesus performs is perfectly appropriate for the four fisherman – He meets them where they live. Peter’s response (vs 8) shows he knows he’s in the presence of God.  It’s the […]

Luke 1-4 – Reading Helps

Overview Luke is a Gentile (or most likely a Gentile – see Col 4:10-14) writing not as an eyewitness but based on others’ eyewitness accounts. Luke is a physician (Col 4:14).  It’s interesting to consider how this affects his writing about Jesus’ miracles and healings.  Luke likely has a unique perspective on Jesus’ role as […]

Esther – Reading Helps

Dates722 – Northern kingdom deported by Assyria605 – First Jewish captives taken to Babylon from Judah (includes Daniel)586 – Jerusalem destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar539 – Fall of Babylon to Persia536 – First return of Jews to Israel under Zerubbabel (end of 70-year captivity per Daniel prophecy)483 – Vashti deposed481 – Xerxes’ campaign against Greece launched479 (7th […]

Habakkuk 3 – Living by Faith When the World Falls Apart

Habakkuk’s final response to God’s words of impending judgment is a prayer.  He is done arguing and done questioning.  He accepts God’s explanation that He will use the Babylonians to judge Judah and then judge the Babylonians themselves for their sin.  He knows evil times are coming but is willing to trust the ultimate Author […]

Habakkuk 2:1-3 – Waiting for God

After three iterations of dialogue between Habakkuk and God (Habakkuk complains – God answers – Habakkuk responds) we reach a very interesting break in the action.  Instead of simply recording God’s second response (as he did with the first one), Habakkuk curiously tells us that he assumes a post and waits for God to speak.  […]