Galatians 6:11-18

Paul reaches the end of the letter.  He has argued against the false gospel of the legalists and their insistence on following the Law for salvation.  He has warned believers not to overreact to the false gospel by pursuing the deeds of the flesh.  He has advocated for righteous living through walking by the Spirit.  […]

Thou Shalt Know the Ten Commandments

If you’re a believer, you should know the Ten Commandments.  You should have them committed to memory.  You should know them well enough that you can rehearse them easily and quickly.  At the end of this post I’ll give you a shortcut method for learning them so you can recite what is the summary of […]

A Praying Life – Paul E Miller

The best book on prayer I’ve ever read.  If you want inspiration toward a vibrant prayer life and a plan to achieve it, this is a book you must read.  And it’s a book to read multiple times over your life.  If you’re a parent, it’s a tremendous inspiration to praying for your kids.  Can’t […]

A Gospel Primer for Christians – Milton Vincent

Simply a must read, and I would say that even if the author wasn’t an old high-school classmate.  Vincent lays out the gospel in a clear manner with scriptural support for every line.  This is the type of book you purchase for your library and keep as a reference even after reading it.  It’s also […]