This is a series of excerpts from a book called Edwards on the Christian Life by Dane C. Ortlund.  Specifically, the words below come from a chapter entitled “Pilgrimage – the Flavor of the Christian Life.”  I think they have some resonance for the times we’re living in and pass them along for your encouragement […]

I Told You No

This song goes out to all the hard working men and women who have always considered their office or plant or school someplace they HAD to go but suddenly find that it’s now a place they’d really LIKE to go.  If this describes you, then maybe you should send this song out to your place […]


This song is dedicated to all the Spring Breakers who’ve had their travel plans canceled by the virus crisis. Here’s to you from the Beach Boys… Aruba, Jamaica, oh I just can’t take yaTo Bermuda, Bahama, stay home pretty mamaKey Largo, Montego, not places that we go… All the way from Wuhan, there’s a place […]

All by Myself

With apologies to Eric Carmen… When I was youngI used to hang with everyoneAnd eating out was kind of funThose days are goneSheltered in placeNot allowed to touch my faceMy only friends in cyberspaceSix feet away All by myselfI’m quarantinedAll by myselfForevermore Hour by hourThe job is gone I have no powerMaybe tomorrow take a […]

Galatians 1:11-24

Paul begins a defense of his apostleship and teaching.  Apparently the false teachers have not only questioned his status as an apostle but have cast doubt on the origins of his teaching.  They have said he is just a weak imitation of the Jerusalem apostles – Peter, James, John – and that his gospel message […]

Galatians 1:6-10

Paul gets right to the point.  The Galatians are in danger of leaving the faith and falling into apostasy.  They have accepted a different teaching and Paul cannot believe it.  He has no time for further introduction or for asking after their general welfare.  He wants to make them understand their eternity is at stake.  […]

II Samuel 15 – Absalom Rebels (how to respond to a trial)

One of the great things about studying the life of David is seeing his extreme humanness.  He’s a man after God’s own heart but he’s also a man who sometimes forgets that as he follows his own.  Depending on the chapter, the reader of II Samuel sees David at his best and worst.  In our […]