Welcome to the blog.  As you’ll notice by the title, its content is intended to be wide ranging and not focused on any one theme or topic.  My goal is to write about theology, give some sports opinions, reflect on life periodically, and throw in some humor pieces that my wife will like even if no one else does.

The format essentially breaks down into three types of posts: resource, reflection, other.  Under Bible Notes and Books – in the menu above – you’ll find Bible notes sorted by passage and book recommendations sorted by category.  These are meant to be resources for people looking for a commentary-like treatise of Scripture or looking for a good book to read.  Under General you’ll find reflections on life and living as a Christian, along with some opinion pieces about sports (probably not many of these), and the occasional humor post.

The author of this blog – me – is a CPA living in Fishers, IN.  I’m in my fifties, have three kids that are almost grown, and teach an adult Sunday School class at a large church in the area.  The Bible notes are from that class.  I study and prepare the notes each week for the specific lesson.  This blog started as a resource for the members of the class and has grown from there (“grown” perhaps being a relative term as I have all of 17 followers as I write this).

I’m not sure what the overall goal of this site is, but I’m working on it.  To some extent, I want to have a place that’s a repository of some things I’ve worked hard on, just so my kids can have access to it after all the hard-drives and computers in my life are gone.  That’s of course assuming they’ll WANT to have access to it.  I also want a place to share some resources that hopefully will help people who want to study or teach the Bible, or are looking for a book to inform their theology or make their time on the beach more enjoyable.

I hope you’ll enjoy what’s here.  If you do, leave me a comment.  If you don’t, leave me a comment and I’ll ignore it (just kidding! – we’ll have a fun back and forth).  Either way, thanks for visiting.

Rob Loy