Exodus 5:1-6:9

The events in this story wonderfully illustrate how different God’s viewpoint is from our own (similar to the first two lessons from Exodus).  However, in this passage we’ll find out that God’s wholly different perspective affects obedience too.  Moses will obey with disastrous results (from his perspective) but God will say the results are exactly […]

Exodus 2:11-3:22

Moses lives through two-thirds (80 years) of his life in this passage.  God takes him from a miraculous birth to a privileged upbringing to a decades-long lesson in humility and survival.  Throughout this portion of his life – though it’s certainly not obvious to Moses – God prepares him to be the deliverer of Israel […]

Exodus 1:1-2:10

Genesis ended on a high note.  Jacob reunited with his long-lost son and died a satisfied man.  Joseph – after being used by God to save the civilized world from starvation and becoming the second most powerful man in the world – lived to see four generations of his offspring.  The family of Jacob was […]